Our baristas love customizing espresso drinks, so if you can't decide, just come on in and we'll have your new favorite drink. We look forward to seeing you!

  • cupcakes

    Every day we offer our 3 standard flavors:

    RED VELVET - traditional red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

    BLACK TIE - dark chocolate cake with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting

    VANILLA - vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting

    Our premium flavors vary weekly. Check our Instagram or Facebook Page for updates!

  • espresso, coffee, and hot drinks


    - Latte                        (espresso with steamed milk)

    - Cappuccino            (espresso with part steamed milk and part foam)

    - Cuban                      (espresso with caramelized sugar)

    - Cortadito                (cuban espresso with steamed half and half)

    - Cortado                   (espresso with steamed whole milk)

    - Café con Leche      (cuban espresso with steamed milk)

    - Americano              (espresso and hot water)

    - Mocha                      (Ghirardelli chocolate and steamed milk)


    - Chai Tea Latte

    - "Dirty" Chai Tea Latte (Chai Tea + Shot of Espresso)

    - London Fog

    - Tea Per Bag

          Organic Green Tea


          Honeybush, mandarin orange

          Raspberry Hibiscus

          Lemon Ginger

          Earl Grey

          English Breakfast


    - Cold Brew

    - Night Game (cold brew with milk and Ghirardelli chocolate syrup)


    - House Coffee

    - Hot Chocolate

    - Seasonal, specialty drinks

  • frozen


    - Frozen Coffee

    - Frozen Chai

    - Milkshake (made with any of our 12 ice cream flavors)

    - Smoothies



           Mixed Berry


        12 rotating flavors made by Hershey Ice Cream

        Your choice of 1, 2, or 3 scoops in a cup, waffle cone, or sugar cone

  • food

    QUICHE:  Veggie or bacon quiche

    MUFFINS: blueberry, gf spiced chai, lemon poppyseed (only at Tioga location)

    BAGELS: plain and everything


    COFFEE CAKE: vanilla and other seasonal flavors

    BREAKFAST SANDWICH: bacon or sausage, egg, cheese on English muffin or bagel


          - Turkey Panini (turkey, mozzarella, pesto mayo on sour dough)

          - Veggie Panini (mozzarella, tomatoes, spinach, pesto mayo)